The Influences Between Nodes, A Systematic Phenomenon or Structure of Open Type, Flatening, and Equality


Hash algorithm is a one-way password system in the blockchain mentioned above, which ensure that the trading information cannot be tampered.

Consensus on Maintenance

Blockchain provides a new way to reach consensus without relying on the authority of centralization.

data transparency

The information on the blockchain is open and transparent, and all data in the block is able to be found.

user anonymity

Anonymity is introduced in the environment of Distributed Ledger Technology to improve the confidentiality and transaction security of information.


Because it is a distributed network, as long as there is still one machine in the network, all the data will not disappear, and it can be found in the chain

Scene example

Here are some examples of the blockchains weve made. With these examples, you may find that blockchains can also have an extraordinary role in your industry

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Currency Trading Currency trading

Simulate the current cryptocurrency peer-to-peer transaction, all transaction data can not be tampered in the chain, all transaction records can be queried

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Asset Trading Asset trading

The assets of this example transaction are no longer virtual products like money but real products, so there is no need to worry about lost or stolen assets

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Query Qualifications Academic inquiry

This example is to save the academic data in the blockchain and solve the problem of academic fraud

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Encryption Game Encryption game

Integrate blockchain into the game, make the data more realistic, prevent players from cheating, and make the game fairer

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Product Traceability Encryption game

By entering all aspects of production or material information, the user can visually see the real information of the product, and at the same time, it can also play the role of anti-counterfeiting

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API Example API Example

Here you can try the API interface we developed and experience the charm of the blockchain

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STO Exchange Encryption game

Digitalization of various assets, rights and services in the real world through blockchain technology

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Mainstream blockchain technology

Hyperledger Fabric
Hyperledger Fabric is an open source project for enterprise customers. Unlike public chains such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, nodes in the Hyperledger Fabric network must be authenticated before they can be added, thus avoiding POW resource overhead, greatly improving transaction processing efficiency, and meeting the processing performance requirements of enterprise applications.
Hyperledger Fabric is a private chain/federal chain development framework, and the system does not require token support for operation.

Linux Foundation, Private Chain / Alliance Chain

Ethereum (Chinese: Ethereum) is an open source public blockchain platform with smart contract functionality. A decentralized virtual machine (called the Ethereum Virtual Machine) is used to process peer-to-peer contracts through its dedicated cryptocurrency Ether (Ether, also known as "Ethernet").
The purpose of Ethereum is to integrate and enhance based on script, competitive currency and on-chain meta-protocol concepts, enabling developers to create arbitrary consensus-based, scalable, standardized, and fully featured Easy to develop and collaborative applications

Ethereum, public chain / private chain

What are Blocks and Blockchains?

Blockchain is a distributed database, and everyone may have bitcoin that is heard. The core technology uses it. A blockchain is a string of data blocks generated using cryptographic methods. Each block contains information about a network transaction used to verify the validity of its information and generate the next block. In the popular concept, blockchain is a book that everyone can remember.

In a company or institution, most people only have to look at the accounts, and only a few professionally trained people have the right to pay notes. Of course, the blockchain is not a book in the traditional sense. It has three key points in its technical principle: decentralization, asymmetric encryption, and time stamping. That is the timestamp.

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The Value of Blockchain

As a shared account book, blockchain shares the core business data of custody business among asset management, custody business, and audit

Sharing account book realizes the sharing of data and rationality of more accurately estimate of quotations. At the same time, the updated assets —— after custodian purchase —— are kept in the blockchain, the client can check the status of the stock assets at any time, auditors can also audit in real time.

Intelligent contracts of blockchain automatically determine the rationality and compliance of transactions

Intelligent contracts —— pre-supervision, can be judged in advance when the investment adviser issues instructions

A system based on blockchain is used to send investment instructions instead of the original method of fax telephone

Untamperability —— solve the problem of checking reserved signature by traditional method and improve the efficiency of instruction sending